St. Louis Roofing Specialists

Top St. Louis Residential and Commercial Roofing Specialists

KMI Roofing Experts professionally install or repair quality roofs of all styles and sizes on both residential and commercial properties throughout the St. Louis Area.

The roof is your property’s first line of defense against Mother Nature. An old or poorly installed roof will lead to interior damage and diminished property value. Having a high-quality roof installed by skilled roofing professionals, such as KMI Industries, is vital to maintaining the integrity of your St. Louis home or business.

If you’ve had recent hail damage…

If you live in the 109 – I-44 corridor and experienced our recent hail storm, please contact KMI for a Free Roof Inspection. Especially if you are experiencing a roof leak right now. There is no obligation.

We are a local St. Louis company and have helped hundreds of our neighbors over the years.
We come to your residence, do a complete roof inspection, and let you know if you have damage. And we will work with your insurance company.

No Pressure, No Obligation. 20 year old St Louis Company.

Or, please call 314.739.3434 if your roof is leaking now.

Choosing Your Roof

When choosing the roofing material best suited for you, there are three main points to consider: Style/Type, Desired Duration and Budget. Styles vary greatly from asphalt shingles, cedar shake, slate, metal, composite, EPDM, TPO and more. Each style has a different life expectancy, ranging from 10 years up to a lifetime. A KMI Roofing Specialist can help you determine the proper roof for your home or building and then provide you with a free, no pressure estimate.

The KMI Way

From your first meeting, you are greeted on location by a manager or owner of KMI, no commissioned salesmen. You can feel comfortable knowing you will not be up sold or shuffled between multiple representatives.

Whether you need a full roof replacement or a minor repair, KMI will handle your project professionally, the right way. All new roofs include a complete tear-off. Layovers may save money in the short run, but cost more in the long run and often void your warranty. Taking this shortcut would only age your new shingles quicker and add unnecessary weight to your structure, plus you would never know if any decking needs repaired.

For added convenience, KMI provides Rooftop Deliveries and Same-Day Haul Away. We understand the hassles that construction projects bring to your family or customers of your business. To offset the inconvenience, KMI delivers all materials to the rooftop so they are out of your way. If materials cannot be delivered to the rooftop, they will not be delivered more than one day in advance. And, we know dumpsters are a nuisance, so we use dump trailers that are brought in with the crew and leave with the crew when the project is complete.

The KMI Warranty

KMI stands behind all work and provides the client with a written warranty upon completion of your project. In addition to our in-house warranty, KMI can offer extended warranties on Certainteed and Tamko shingles, as we are a certified Shingle Master with Certainteed and St. Louis’ first TamkoPro.